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On Thursday Sept 16th, the Port Managers Association of the Caribbean (PMAC- a grouping of 21 Caribbean Port managers) hosted at their 25th Annual General Meeting (AGM), a presentation on "The Decarbonised Port - A Fully Integrated Approach to Renewable Energy Technologies" by Mr. Ferhat Acuner, the General Manager and Director of NAVTEK Naval Technologies INC. (part of KIRAN Holding).


Mr. Acuner presented on the methods available to ports, for reducing and eliminating their need for fossil fuels, for their heating/cooling needs, for powering their buildings, their port landside equipment, and most importantly for their tugboats, workboats and service vessels.


Present at the event were CEO's and COO's of regional Caribbean ports, members of international developmental finance agencies, executives from some of the main USA East Coast ports, vendors to ports, press and other specially invited guests. Also present were the team from Alixum International, the Caribbean representative of NAVTEK said Mr. Avi Levi, a director of Alixum who was instrumental in inviting NAVTEK to this event, "We thought it was very timely to have Mr. Acuner present to the Caribbean Ports, as climate change resilience has become such an important consideration for the ports in the Caribbean as they plan their strategies for dealing with sea level rise and other climate change phenomena. Many of the ports in the Caribbean have already started their pivot away from fossil fuels or are considering making these changes, and we saw an opportunity to connect NAVTEK with PMAC, to lend as much assistance as possible to these efforts. Ferhat and his team have been welcomed with their energy, enthusiasm and obvious great expertise in this area of -Port Decarbonization-."

Mr. Glenn Roach, the Executive Secretary from PMAC also added "We extend our appreciation to Mr. Acuner for an informative and engaging presentation, and to the ALIXUM team for facilitating it. We at the Port Managers Association of the Caribbean are looking forward to our continued collaboration." Mr. Roach also added "We trust the event which from accounts received was highly informative and engaging, met the required expectations of attendance and encourages your continued support as we strive to increase the mutual benefits to members and fellow stakeholders of our regional port and logistics industry."

Mr. Darwin Telemaque, the CEO of Antigua Port Authority and Chairman of the AGM invited all members of PMAC to take advantage of the opportunity to engage with NAVTEK to discuss their own unique needs as they plan their own decarbonisation strategies.


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