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NAVTEK Naval Technologies Inc. and SEAWIND Ocean Technology Holding B.V. agree to strengthen ties in science and technology towards maritime sector and announce industrial and financial agreements focusing on SEAWIND’s novel integrated floating wind turbine concept.



With this Industry Collaboration Agreement, both companies will contribute to the development of future projects, SEAWIND and NAVTEK are now planning and conjuring the construction, transport and installation of SEAWIND’s integrated floating offshore wind turbine prototype of 6.2 MW.


NAVTEK Naval Technologies, General Manager Ferhat Acuner said:

“Today’s announcement marks a new era of cooperation, in which we commit to using new innovative technologies to develop world-wide new standards for future fossil fuel free, resilient and smart maritime sector for years to come.”


SEAWIND Ocean Technology Holding B.V., Chief Executive Officer Dimitrios MOUDOURIS said:

Our new partnership with NAVTEK deepens the commitment and focus that we in SEAWIND have for the decarbonisation of the offshore wind industry and the energy transition. We have started to closely collaborate with NAVTEK since 2021 with regards to our 6.2 MW Demo project. NAVTEK have an outstanding record in development of innovative technologies for the green offshore & marine markets, that will further enhance the success of SEAWIND’s ground breaking turbine technology.



NAVTEK is a naval and marine services company with expertise in the design and set-up of floating docks, anchoring and mooring services and with the knowledge, work processes and qualified personnel to successfully deliver complex projects.


SEAWIND Ocean Technology designs and produces with its tier-one partners integrated floating offshore wind energy systems composed of a two-bladed wind turbine and a concrete floating support structure, which can be deployed in deep (+60 metres) and ultra-deep (up to 3000 metres) waters and in cyclonic areas. The units are completely assembled in a harbour and then float over to the site for anchoring.

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