Our goal as NAVTEK Naval Technologies INC., which provides engineering services to the Turkish and World maritime sector; To be a company that is always open to innovations and continues its development with its professional management approach. With its initiatives, our company has made its vision to play an active role in the development and progress of the Energy and Defense Industry, as well as the design projects of Commercial Marine Projects. In line with providing fast, accurate and reliable service by acting in an innovative and contemporary understanding with its enthusiastic and friendly team that attaches importance to team spirit;

  • Establishing an effective quality management system, applying all applicable conditions and continuously improving as a company that is open to innovations, follows, implements, and adopts continuous development as a principle,

  • To develop projects that use its experience in the development of the sector, to develop qualified, contemporary, technological innovations with its experience, and to break new grounds by combining its creativity,

  • To identify possible needs thanks to its foresight, to compete with time, to observe permanent customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality,

  • To be preferred by sector employees thanks to its reliability and awareness,

We are committed to doing work to provide.

                   CHAIRMAN OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD                                   GENERAL MANAGER

                                     COSKUN DUYGUN                                                             FERHAT ACUNER